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Bulk Lots


We guarantee that JMR Quality Uncleaned Coins will satisfy any collectors wants. Whether you are looking to start a collection, to add to a collection, or if you just love the fun of discovering and attributing your coins, these coins are perfect.

An inexpensive start, JMR Quality Uncleaned Coins are shipped directly to me from Europe, unearthed after thousands of years of being buried underground. These coins were generally buried by soldiers or farmers to keep safe while they went off to war. Naturally, many of these soldiers never returned to claim their money, and thus it has stayed there for centuries. These batches usually contain Roman Imperial's from the Constantinian era, but may include Greek and Byzantine as well.

With each order I will include detailed cleaning instructions. Remember...the number one tool for cleaning ancient Roman coins is PATIENCE!!

You may order as many coins as you would like. Coin prices are as follows:

1-100 coins: $1.20 ea
100-300 coins: $1.00 ea
300+ coins:  $0.85 ea